A successful commission is a collaboration between the Artist and the Collector.

The success of the project hinges on the success of working relationship with each other.

STEP #1:

Discuss the subject matter, color and design before beginning the painting process. Details such as color of the room the comissioned piece will hang are discussed.
During the meetings or communications, I will show the Collector a selection of my art portfolio matching their idea, this will help me see their likes and dislikes about color and design. 
Collectors will be asked these questions: 
What is your vision?
What is your initial perception of the project?
What colors do you like to live with?
What symbols, character you enjoy the most?
A 50% deposit is required and are non-refundable. The deposit pays for the artist's invested time, labor, and art materials.
Collector pays for shipping costs. I will be shipping your commission from San Diego, California USA 
Approximate estimate for shipping will be provided based on your address and choice of carrier.

STEP #2:

Showing the clients thumbnail drawings, rough sketches or preliminary paintings of my initial ideas. I will create 1-3 pencil drawings of compositions for the clients to choose from. Once we all agreed upon the concept, I began the piece, keeping the client updated with progress along the way.

STEP #3:

I will invite the Collector to view the painting about midway through the project so they can get a clear picture of my artistic vision and can address any concerns. (Usually, my clients were happy 🙂 
Communication is key! I chose to communicate via email. My email is artbychromium@gmail.com.
If the Collector is happy with the way things are going we are good to go.
Following the tips above will help to insure a smooth experience and happy client! 
The Collector will own the artwork but the Collector will have no rights to reproduce the art without written permission from the artist who will retain all copyrights.