Maternity Babybump Bodypainting in San Diego CA by Lana Chromium

Pregnancy belly painting is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate your pregnancy and capture that amazing moment forever.  Bellybump painting is growing increasingly popular. Lana Chromium works with each client to finalize a personalized belly design, and then uses FDA-approved, hypoallergenic body paints to create the painting on skin. Since the body paint is temporary (it easily washes off with water and soap), she takes professional pictures for the clients to keep the experience and memories oh photographs.

And that’s what it’s all about — remembering this moment in time and celebrating the bump. 

  • Relax for an hour as your belly is transformed, then Lana will take a photos to keep forever.
  • Check out the gallery below for maternity bodyart ideas!
  • The ideal time to have your belly painted is between 6-8 months, or when you feel most comfortable.
  • Come and visit our studio in San Diego CA. Lana can even come and visit you in the comfort of your own home. Or paint your babybump for your baby shower. We can offer a bodypainting and photography package. Or you are welcome to do bodypainting only.
  • GIFT options available as well. Contact to discuss or check gift cards options.
  • Interested about rates? Rates are in the inquiry form below.
  •  Want to book your session? Pick what options you want for bodypainting & photography. Contact here for rates. Thank you!

    BODYPAINTING: Choose an option:

    1. Baby bump painting (belly painting only) /contact for rates/
    2. Upper half of the body body art for expecting mom. /contact for rates/
    3. Full body painting for expecting mom. /contact for rates/
    4. Another parent body painting added. /contact for rates/

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Choose an option:

    1. Photography session 30-45 min /contact for rates/
    2. Custom created Inspirational Board for photo shoot - FREE
    3. 1 edited high resolution picture - FREE
    4. 10 best high resolution un-edited photos on CD or digital download - FREE
    5. All high resolution un-edited photos on CD or digital download ($50)
    6. Each additional edited picture $25
    7. Photo shoot outdoors or on location: extra $100
    8. Customized photo book from session $150 (30-40 pages, hard cover, high quality printing)
    9. Canvas Print/or Print on Aluminum with final photos /prices are vary/
    10. Buy rights for final images  /contact for rates/

NEW ARTSY OPTION FOR EXPECTING MOMS BELLY CAST: Cherish your special pregnancy journey with custom made & painted belly cast.This non-toxic, 100% baby safe way to make a mold of your adorable baby bump. Once finished have fun displaying your cast in your home or have friends sign the finished product at your baby shower! This makes a great present for any new mom! 
  Unpainted Belly Cast | $150         Painted Belly Cast - 1-2 colors | $200      Painted Belly Cast - Custom Name or Symbol | $300   Painted Belly Cast - Detailed painting | $500

Please pick your options and let me know.

  • Let me know how many weeks you are pregnant. The best time for maternity sessions is 7-9 months.
  • Are you expecting boy or girl? Let me know so I can plan, or share your own ideas.
  • Do you have favorite theme, colors, or symbol? Do you want to incorporate them in the body art design?

Bodypainter available for travel

Group of expecting mothers can bring this joyful experience to any mom-specific and women-only retreat.