UV Glow Face & Body Paint is one of the most recognizable products in the industry.
Suitable for both day and night use.
Usually comes in 6 main colors: pink, orange, blue, purple, green, yellow.
Bright, neon coloured under normal lighting, the paints give off an immerse fluorescent
glow under UV Lighting / Blacklights. These paints are easily applied with brush or airbrush,
dry quickly on the skin and last all night. Simply wash off with water after use.
Waterproof,long lasting, smudging free UV bodyart application available as well for
performers, contortionists, dancers, underwater photoshoots.

Check out UV / fluro / black light body painting done by Lana Chromium.

Clients: Lucent Dossier events, Glamour & Glow Events, raves, Glow Run, UV Blacklight parties & events, festivals,
birthday parties, museum receptions ( after hours parties ), Glowing Zoo.

Black Light UV Glow Party Kit will be available soon on our website.