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VALENTINE DAY Class For Couples in San Diego❤️

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🎨 ❤ Valentine's Bodypainting Class ☆ UV bodyart for couples 🎈Location : San Diego CA 🎈Date: Feb 14th 2020 🔖Sign up here:… 🎨✌😊

What is there to do on Valentine’s Day in San Diego?

Event Dates:

Friday, February 14, 2020 (6:00 PM to 8:30 PM)

Saturday, February 15, 2020 (6:00 PM to 8:30 PM)


Paint in the Dark with UV Bodypaint on Each Other
A body painting class for couples in San Diego CA. A romantic and playful date activity where couples paint each other in a dark studio lit by black lights.

You don’t need to bring anything to the class. We will provide all the supplies to create your masterpiece.

Your ticket includes:

  • Lana Chromium will show the demo of how to use bodypaint and few bodyart tricks
  • Step-by-step instructions and encouragement along the way
  • Intimate body painting session where you and your partner paint each other under UV glowing lights
  • UV bodypaint & everything you need to paint: body paints, brushes, sponges, stencils
  • A fun and memorable evening!

‘Love Is…’ Body Painting with UV Class For Couples ❤️

Tickets Availability:

  • `EARLY BIRD TICKETS` – $49 per person – tickets available 01/08/2020 – 02/09/2020
  • `TIER 1` – $69 per person – tickets will be available 02/10/2020 – 02/12/2020
  • `TIER 2 `- $89 per person – tickets will be available 02/13/2020 – 02/14/2020

This is the group 2 hrs class.

Any questions email us at

⭐ The event where you can try to bodypaint with UV paint ⭐

Important :

  • 48-hour notice for cancellations/ rescheduling.
  • Check-in begins 10 minutes before the event start time. Give yourself time to park so you do not arrive late.
  • Sales end on Feb 14th, 2020.
  • All tickets must be purchased online in advance, no tickets are sold at the door.
  • Once the ticket purchased you are all set. You will get an email with the venue location in February. Simply show up and check-in with the instructor.
  • Refund Policy: No Refunds
❤️Unforgettable romantic experience for couples. Romantic Things to Do in San Diego.

Check out UV Bodypainting Gallery for inspiration.

This event is great for:

  • Valentines Gift for Her / for Him
  • Date night
  • Couples Night Out
  • Art Therapy
  • Birthday Celebration, Birthday Gift to Husband / Wife

You’ll be amazed at what you create, and how much fun you have doing it!

Art Exhibitions and Events

Live body painting for FOX 5 Morning News | San Diego CA

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Live body painting for San Diego FOX 5 Morning News by Lana Chromium. Does this bodyart remind you of Russian ornaments? Bodyart by Lana Chromium

“Blue and White Fantasy” Body painting for FOX 5 Morning News by Lana Chromium

⬇️ BEFORE ⬇️

Model Megan Perkins & San Diego base body painter Lana Chromium

⬇️ AFTER ⬇️

Model Megan Perkins & San Diego base body painter Lana Chromium

⬇️ CLOSE UP ⬇️

I thought those beautiful eyelashes will look cool with this bodypainting. And they are definitely made a statement.

We are in the FOX 5 Morning News studios waiting for our LIVE stream time.

Model : Megan Perkins







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airbrush bodyart for underwater

Waterproof bodypaint & specialFX for underwater film “The Ether”

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prosthetics applied, now need more special FX
SpecialFX & waterproof airbrush make-up / bodypaint by @Lana_chromium with help of @kyronart & @giofaces
Underwater model and bodypainters before diving underwater. Last dry selfie 🙂

Creature Y for underwater short film “The Ether” by Eryn Brydon underwater film

Concept and Design: ErynBrydon / OceanINK Studios Makeup Application: Lana Chromium Performance: The Underwater Woman - Christine Ren Underwater
If you like what you see here and want to see more, please keep your eyes peeled for the final promo video and GoFundMe page coming soon!


New video on my YouTube channel. Creating underwater creature: