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Top 13 Of The Most Asked Questions | What Do You Think About Rainbow Girl Body Painting?

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How do you find inspiration?I find inspiration in my everyday life. Lately, I love iridescent finishes & metals. In this project, I painted the holographic effect of light reflecting with metal paint or lighting used. What are you currently working on?I’m currently working on 4 bodypainting series: “FLOWERS”, “ROBOTS”, “PLASTIC”. IN Fine art I’m working […]

Black & White Bodyart Series

Beautiful Cage – new work from bodyart series by Lana Chromium

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BEAUTIFUL CAGE BODY PAINTING ~ Bodyart series by Lana Chromium ~ “A bird who hurt her wing, now forgotten how to fly. A song she used to sing, but can’t remember why. A breath she caught and kept – that left her in a sigh. It hurts her so to love you, but she won’t […]