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We spilled so much glitter at production with Beauty WOW! | Art by Lana Chromium

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SELFIE WITH MODEL | Blue Glitter Glam Make-up & bodypaint by Lana Chromium on model Sky Fung for Beauty Studio

Hi guys! I’m excited to share with you behind the scenes from pretty cool production in LA.

They do amazing ART HACKS & BEAUTY TIPS videos!

Check them out on :

  • Snapchat (@BeautyWOW)

I personally LOVE bodypainting with glitter. This time I dropped AT LOT of glitter on this look 🙂

>>> Watch Live stream from blue glitter look on Facebook Here

FRONT VIEW | Blue Glitter Glam Make-up & bodypaint by Lana Chromium on model Sky Fung for Beauty Studio
SIDE VIEW | Blue Glitter Glam Make-up & bodypaint by San Diego body artist Lana Chromium on model Sky Fung for Beauty Studio

Watch video on my ‘Art by Lana Chromium’ Youtube channel:

Behind the scenes painting ROYAL BLUE glitter makeup. Bodypaint for Beauty WOW. Art by #LanaChromium Watch full video here: (link: #makeup #beautystudio #beauty #glam #glammakeup #bodypaint #bodypainting #bodyart #bodypainter #mehron
3/4 PORTRAIT | Blue Glitter Glam Make-up & bodypaint by San Diego bodypainter Lana Chromium on model Sky Fung for Beauty Studio
Sky Fung is ready for final video shots at Beauty Studio
Amazing close-ups to make-up by Beauty Studio
In the last minute of photoshoot Beauty Studio Production crew used dramatic lighting

Behind the scenes painting ROYAL BLUE GLITTER MAKE-UP & BODYART

Bodypainting I did for Beauty Studio / Beauty WOW production.

Make-up and airbrush bodypaint by Lana Chromium

Model Sky Fung

Products I used for body painting listed below on this photo:

Thank you for reading my blog!


Lana Chromum


airbrush bodyart for underwater

Waterproof bodypaint & specialFX for underwater film “The Ether”

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prosthetics applied, now need more special FX
SpecialFX & waterproof airbrush make-up / bodypaint by @Lana_chromium with help of @kyronart & @giofaces
Underwater model and bodypainters before diving underwater. Last dry selfie 🙂

Creature Y for underwater short film “The Ether” by Eryn Brydon underwater film

Concept and Design: ErynBrydon / OceanINK Studios Makeup Application: Lana Chromium Performance: The Underwater Woman - Christine Ren Underwater
If you like what you see here and want to see more, please keep your eyes peeled for the final promo video and GoFundMe page coming soon!


New video on my YouTube channel. Creating underwater creature:


bodypainting projects

Lana Chromium body painting aerial hoop contortion Anna Yanushkevich

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Bodyart meets aerial hoop 😍 Photoshoot with amazing contortionist & ballerina Anna Yanushkevich ( IG @santa_sangre )

Body painting took about 3 hours.

Aerial Hoop Contortion and Painted Ballerina | Art by Lana Chromium channel on Youtube

We had so much fun taking photos cause Anna there keep coming up with beautiful poses using hanging aeriel hoop…..

… and for the last photos I used plush thread to make a soft web thought the hoop 😁 I would say this photoshoot was endless inspiration ( see photo below )

Full body airbrush body painting by Lana Chromium on Anna Yanushkevich
Bodypainting & photography by Lana Chromium | model Anna Yanushkevich

Behind the scenes from this photoshoot :


Lana Chromim – Bodypainting , Photography, Video

Anna Yanushkevich – Model, Cotortionist, Ballerina, Circus Performer

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bodypainting projects


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Bending the trust
Losing the faith
Keeping the lust
Losing the hate
Burning the angry
Fighting the pain
Blood sweat and tears

Gain nothing but strain

So live in your bubble
Believe all your lies
Put on your makeup
Wear your disguise
Pretend to be perfect
Hide all the pain
There’s nothing to lose
And nothing to gain
Lying to keep
Trusting to love
All but to find
You’ve got a black dove
Acquiring a status
Remembering a name
Your reputation
Brings nothing but shame
You’ll keep on looking
Till you find it’s gone
And then you’ll be wondering
What went wrong?
But he can’t help you
And she doesn’t care;
Fixing her makeup
And doing her hair
Plastic people
Have nothing to lose
When you can have everything
Why would you choose?
To live in reality
To feel all the sin
Why give up
This dream that you’re in? - poem by Cirsten Spangenberg







Black & White Bodyart Series

Beautiful Cage – new work from bodyart series by Lana Chromium

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~ Bodyart series by Lana Chromium ~

“A bird who hurt her wing,
now forgotten how to fly.

A song she used to sing,
but can’t remember why.

A breath she caught and kept –
that left her in a sigh.

It hurts her so to love you,
but she won’t say goodbye.” – poem by Lang Leav





PS: This body painting will be opening part for ” Black & White” bodyart series by Lana Chromium.



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Live Body painting

Highlights From RuPaul’s DragCon LA 2018 & Skin Wars reunion

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On the weekend of May 11-13th in Los Angeles, visitors and drag queens from all over the world coming to LA Convention Center for a one of a kind celebration RuPaul’s DragCon.
3 years ago I bodypainted at Skin Wars booth with GSN and after 2 years came to visit DragCon again. Since 2016 DragCon grew so much and now was taking all South Hall of LA Convention Center.
Robin Slonina (our judge & producer from Skin Wars) and Kyle Vest (from my season of Skin Wars) joined and we had amazing time running Skin Wars alley.
Also this time in addition to Live body painting & had my artist table full of prints, stickers, notebooks and also my “Dream Big” collectible pins release.
 Skin Wars booths alley.
And RuPaul herself to make Skin Wars re-union complete! We had a chance visit RuPaul in
his VIP booth and chat a little about how things going after Skin Wars show 🙂 It was a pleasure to see him and laugh again at his jokes. He have amazing sense of humor!
All 3 days we did live bodypainting in the booth. So day 2nd : Peacock inspired bodyart on dancer Ben Bigler.
On Sunday I did creative make-up on Marlena. Using Mehron bodypaint & Royal and Langnickel brushes.
 The rows and rows of product booths will set you up with wigs, shows, clothing, makeup, and whatever else your heart desires. There are hundreds of famous queens for you to meet — RuPaul’s Drag Race winners (Sasha Velour, Violet Chachki, and Bianca Del Rio, Aquaria). Weekend explosion of different styles and costumes!
 So I made some new friends.
See full image gallery here :

coloring book

FREE Downloadable Coloring Page

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Hi guys,
I know many of you likes to color and create. Download the attachment here, print it out and color it 🙂

Share with me what you get. Hashtag #colormydreams or email me to

I will be very HAPPY to see your creations!

Stay Inspired!

Lana Chromium



“My Art , Your Art , Our Art” Coloring book by Lana Chromium – VOLUME 1

Want to Order My Coloring Book

master class

 Master class at IMATS NY

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on my Youtube channel :   Check it out 🙂 don’t forget to subscribe to see videos every week.

Master class at IMATS NY about bodypainting tips and tricks. Creating Fantasy inspired look using different brush types. Theme “Different brush techniques in bodypainting- Demo with Royal & Langnickel brushes”

See attached more Behind the scenes photos from this master class and paints description in the next post for my patrons. :

– Mehron cakes

– Mehron powders ( metallics )

– For pink I used Diamond FX UV cake paint

Using SKIN WARS brush set for bodypainting, available here:

And Moda PRISMATIC set for applying Mehron metallic powders, available here:…

Stay Inspired!


Watch video here: