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Fine Art Commissions

Portfolio for Fine Art commissions include themed paintings, murals, portraits, family portraits, pet portraits and also wall art decor. How to order.


Bodyart for Underwater Photoshoots

Lana uses professional waterproof body paint while creating stunning body art that will stay on skin under water.

Underwater photographers & models feel free to inquire about waterproof make-up for productions and also airbrush body painting that will stay underwater,

Body Painting Workshops

Face & Body Painting master classes for groups or individuals:
Learn tips and techniques for bodypainting from Lana Chromium. Classes for beginner and pro level bodypainter artists.

Black Light / UV / Fluro Body Painting

UV black light activated face painting & bodyart for parties, events, raves, performances and photo shoots.

Make it magical with UV glow!

Body Painting for Events

Event entertainment with creative twist will make your event stand out!
Get your promo models painted with company logo. Hire bodypainter to do live bodypainting for your event or paint guests faces/ bodies during event.

Maternity Body Painting, Belly Art

A creative & relaxing beauty experience for expectant mothers: Celebrate the treasured moments of pregnancy with a private maternity baby bump painting in the studio.
All paints are water-based and safe for you and baby. Sessions included bodyart + photoshoot + all pics download.

Cosplay: Bodypainted Costumes

Comic-Con, WonderCon, Halloween, Fantasy Fest, you name it. Get your bodypainted cosplay and special FX for any costume themed event.

Private Body Painting + Photoshoot in the Studio

Body & face fine art, creative make-up for individuals or professional clients who want to experience body painting and also to get something to hang in their home, office, or personal collection. Personal, couples or the whole family bodypainting sessions – not a problem! Session includes bodypainting and photoshoot. Read more…

Lana Chromium is San Diego based Artist, Bodypainter, Dreamer. Born and raised in Russia, Lana Chromium studied art in Moscow & Penza before moving to California and immersing herself in body painting. Chromium competed in Living Art America: The North American Bodypainting Championship from 2013-2015. In 2015, she won the second season of the Game Show Network’s Skin Wars. Chromium premiered her signature brush line with Royal & Langnickel at IMATS L.A. 2016.



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Queen of Hearts Glam Makeup & Body Painting


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Sexy Gleam Body Radiance


Rainbow Makeup – Bodypainting Myself


Preparing a canvas before painting


She-Hulk Cosplay, Featuring ⭐Isabelle Turell⭐ IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Champion


Waterproof Mermaid Body Painting on Hannah Mermaid for Underwater Photoshoot


Online art classes with San Diego artist Lana Chromium. Lana Chromium Skin Wars winner will teach you how to paint with watercolors, oils, acrylics, ink, drawing and also art of bodypainting in easy step by step practice classes. Online art course for professionals & beginners.

Online Art and Body Painting Classes with Lana Chromium


Top 13 Of The Most Asked Questions | What Do You Think About Rainbow Girl Body Painting?


Motivational Monday’s for Artists 🍓 MakeUp Challenge


🎨 ❤ Valentine's Bodypainting Class ☆ UV bodyart for couples 🎈Location : San Diego CA 🎈Date: Feb 14th 2020 🔖Sign up here:… 🎨✌😊

VALENTINE DAY Class For Couples in San Diego❤️


Not Your Normal Calendar 👆 2020 Bodyart Calendar




Live body painting at LUX MUSEUM | VLOG


Artwork collection | Fine art by Lana Chromium | Updated May 2019






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